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Plein Air Sicily

May 16 - 23, 2020

This brochure contains everything you need to know about my 2020 premiere destination Workshop. It includes the dates, itinerary, workshop transport & lodging, all your delicious Sicilian gourmet meals – and yes, painting instruction customized for you!

So come with me to Italy. Work on your outdoor painting skills, guided by a world-renowned plein air instructor. And eat, drink, and live like an Italian as you do!


My instructional approach is simple – start where you are and advance you from there. Make learning fun and focus on the positive as you work to improve. Over the past two decades I've learned how new destinations can inspire you to become a better artist. So yes, we start where you are and take you in the direction you want to go...


Nicole: "I had a great time this week. It was obvious that a lot of care went into planning the workshop; the locations were exceptionally beautiful. The lectures were informative. The individual critiques were helpful and well articulated. The demos were great. Overall It was a fun and helpful experience and a wonderful mix of personalities. One of my favorite weeks this year"...

Sarah: “Thanks again for the workshop! I loved your enthusiasm and positive attitude, and am in awe of your expertise. I had dozens of ‘aha!’ moments during our time together and learned more about color from you than I have from any other source”... 

Dave: "I had a great week in Thomas’ workshop - I learned some great lessons in plein air painting and enjoyed the great camaraderie among fellow plein air painting enthusiasts. Thomas was a very helpful teacher – he was able to zero in on the weaknesses in my paintings and guide me in how to improve and strengthen them. I am looking forward to taking another workshop from Thomas and would heartily recommend him to anyone looking to improve their painting skills"...

Bonnie: "This workshop was so worth it. For an artist who has an art background, but never painted en plein air, this was the class for me. The demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, great group-learning, and personal painting time made it fun! Not to mention the beautiful outdoors and knowledgeable and personable teacher. I’m looking forward to a second workshop which will build upon the foundation I now have. A MUST!!!!"...

Chuck: "I found Thomas' workshop to be a valuable learning experience. It dealt with color, composition, brush use for varying textures, accounting for lighting conditions, and many other issues. Watching him work on demos was particularly helpful. It was also nice to see the work of the other students. I recommend the workshop to anyone interested in improving their plein air painting skills"...

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